Method of Payment

9er's Lures accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Repeat customers and/or larger orders may be eligible for open account or terms and will be addressed on an individual basis.

General Terms and Conditions

9er's Lures does not make any warranties express or implied as to condition, suitability or certification or any product acquired or resold to buyer or agent thereof. Buyer or agent assumes all risk and liability of use of all products used singly or in combination with other product or component acquired from 9er's Lures or elsewhere.

Shipping and Handling

The majority of orders will ship within 24 business hours of receipt. You will be contacted by our office if your order cannot be shipped within the time frame. Orders will utilize standard UPS and all of their charges with no guarantee, other than UPS policies and procedures, of arrival once departed. Expedited freight methods are available at additional charges.  Package tracing and UPS claims will be the responsibility of buyer or agent. Shipping charges shown at time of order may include a handling charge. Larger orders may qualify for significant discounts or prepaid freight. International shipments are subject to broker, customs and all other associated charges.


The nature of our products prohibits the acceptance of returns or exchange of any product not in original condition. Safe and proper use of all materials has been acknowledged by buyer or agent prior to purchase. 9er's Lures assumes no liability as to performance of materials.  Products are inspected for accuracy of order, marked and coded for determination of original condition and. All stated, if the possibility of return of material persists it will be to the sole determination of 9er's Lures or a representative to facilitate a return or exchange. Inaccuracy of order, misuse or lack of knowledge of materials by buyer or agent does not constitute reason for exchange or return.