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2oz. Lead Head with 7" EELS
4 Arm Shad Rigs
4 Arm Tube & Worm Rigs
4oz. Lead Head with 11" EELS
4oz. Lead Head with Shad
6 Arm 7 inch EEL Rig
6 Arm EEL Spinner Rigs
6 Arm Shad & EEL Rigs
6 Arm Shad Rigs
6 Arm Shad Spinner Rigs
6 Arm Tube & Worm Rigs
6 Arm Tube & Worm Spinner Rigs
7" N.E. 4 ARM EEL Rig
8 Arm EEL Rigs
8 Arm Shad Rigs
8 Arm Shad Spinner Rigs
8 Arm Tube & Worm Rigs
8 Arm Tube & Worm Spinner Rigs
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Don't be mistaken - We are the "original" manufacturer of New England Umbrella Rigs.


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Blue Fish Strike | Striped Bass Strike

Welcome to 9er's Lures! Our company has been helping fisherman catch larger fish, "more often," for over 15 years. Our custom-made umbrella rigs are available in assorted effective colors and sizes. Our rigs are tangle free, in comparison to our competitors' older styled umbrella rigs. Our 6-way bar has baits directly attached, making it a tangle-free fishing experience.

9er's Lures is the premier lure manufacture in New England. We offer the following products: Custom Umbrella Rigs, Shad Umbrella Rigs, Squid Umbrella Rigs, Replacement Packs, Rigged Shads, Non-rigged Shads, Rigged Mackerel Stingers, Non-rigged Eels

Please join our "Yearly" contest for the BIGGEST FISH, the BEST MULTIPLE HOOK-UP. All you have to do is E-mail a picture of yourself with your catch, on our rig. Also include the length, weight, and where you caught your fish.

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